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In the event that your current website is discovered to be non-compliant with ADA/WCAG regulations, you have two options: rectify the issue or potentially face legal action.

Compliance with ADA regulations is now mandatory for websites! Blind and deaf individuals are entitled to use the internet and access information using advanced software. As a result, website accessibility lawsuit filings in federal court are predicted to surpass 2020 figures in 2021.

We must collaborate to ensure that everyone can utilize the internet effectively.

Ignoring the issue and waiting to receive a demand letter is no longer an option. Countless law firms worldwide are capitalizing on the opportunity to profit from bringing lawsuits against non-compliant website owners, making it a "cash cow" for them.

These law firms are scouring the internet for non-compliant websites, making it a matter of "when," rather than "if" they will discover yours if you fail to comply with ADA/WCAG regulations.

Save yourself a great deal of stress and financial difficulties by joining our group of over 60,000 ADA/WCAG compliant website owners today.
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When an ADA/WCAG Lawsuit Happy Attorney
arrives they will just move on and keep looking for a website that is NOT ADA/WCAG COMPLIANT that they can bring a lawsuit against!

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ADA Compliance Update

ADA REGULATORY COMPLIANCE... websites are now federally mandated to be accessible to the handicapped.  Website accessibility lawsuit filings in federal court in 2021 are on track to exceed 2020.  Blind and deaf people have the right to gather information on the web using sophisticated software.  Working together, we can make sure they can.

  • Over 260,000 website accessibility demand letters were sent to businesses in 2020
  • For those that chose to IGNORE the DEMAND LETTER had a Federal lawsuit filed against them
  • Nationwide ADA federal lawsuits in 2020 passed the 13,000 mark
  • Out of court settlements for Non-Compliance range between $20K - $200K 
  • Average Out of Court settlement is $25,000  (the results of Demand Letters business owners didn't know were coming to their mailbox)
  • More and more lawyers desperate for a "big payday" are searching the Internet for ADA Non-Compliant websites and are sending Demand Letters. With them capitalizing on this "cash cow" you can be assured that these numbers are going to go up.
  • 15% of the US population have difficulties accessing and engaging websites
  • In the United States, people with disabilities represent the 3rd largest market with over 650 Billion in annual disposable income
  • Worldwide, people with disabilities hold over $8 trillion in annual disposable income
  • 30% of veterans have disabilities
The clear takeaway?

It’s crucial to make your website ADA accessible today or you may find yourself negotiating a settlement!
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